With over 20 years of testing experience our mission is to help you improve the quality of your customer’s experience and increase the visibility of your business by providing expert advice and offering a range of affordable solutions and services.

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Choosing an experienced user tester will help you improve the quality of your customer experience, improve your search rankings and get your business noticed. 

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I have worked across the full range of testing phases including : integration, functional, non-functional, regression, performance and user testing. 

My focus now is User Testing and putting my testing experience and attention to detail to good use, helping business owners create a great customer experience and improve their business online presence. 

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FREE WEBSITE REVIEW – OFFER Extended indefinitely!


On completion of the website review, you will receive written feedback on any issues that have been found. The report can include GDPR non-compliance, usability, or simple suggestions for layout and content changes that will help improve your website. If there any areas that you feel need particular attention just let us know. Together, we can create a business website that gives your customers the best service possible.





This service can quickly and inexpensively show you what causes difficulties for your website’s visitors and prevents them from doing what they came to your site for. Whether your website is still in the ‘planning’ stage or your site has been online for some time, a few  usability  tasks will reveal basic problems that might be “invisible” to website owners, designers, or people who are familiar with your website. 


Provide us with your website name and a list of tasks that you want us to perform on the site, e.g. check gite availability and booking process. We will provide a video of a real person accessing your site, executing the tasks and providing their thoughts, ‘first impressions’, and any issues found whilst completing the user testing tasks.   

Alternatively, if you just want an overall ‘user’s view’ of your site then you just provide us with the website details and we will navigate around the site, viewing each page, checking the images, links and contact forms and providing an audio and visual report.

This is a one-off service – no monthly or annual fees – for a set price of only 50,00€


This is a more comprehensive, in-depth review service. The whole website is audited – page by page – checking content, images, functionality, contact forms, links and menus. This can be performed at any stage during design and build, pre- or post-publishing. It can also include SEO checks to help improve your website ranking in Google searches.

Feedback from this review is provided in pdf or word format so that if required, you can copy and paste suggested content changes directly into your website or arrange for your site admin service to make the changes for you. Or if you are the administrator of the site, and need help implementing some of the suggested changes then we can arrange this too.

Because this is a more comprehensive service, and the number of pages on websites can differ quite considerable, the price is available on request. – Currently offering small business owners a FREE WEBSITE REVIEW





To know more about this bespoke service, get in touch


Struggling to write new blog posts? This service will make it easier. You decide how many posts you would like and the topics you want your blog to cover. Suggest new topics as and when you want to ensure you are getting posts that are relevant to your business. Based on your instructions, we create the posts to your specification. We’ll let you know when they are ready so you can review and post them online, or you can request them to be edited. The blog posts are delivered regularly throughout the month and can be easily uploaded to your business website or social media accounts. 

Posts will be at least 300 words and include royalty-free images if requested.  For a monthly service, with fees paid at the end of each month, there are 3 plans available:

4 posts per month 60€ — 8 posts per month 100€ — 16 posts per month 180€





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