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Understanding Inbound Marketing Terms

Now you’re probably wondering whether a blog about Inbound Marketing Terms is worth a read. Well, if you are trying to promote your business online then yes it is. 

Although I can tell you a few things about websites, user testing and writing great content, I’m still learning about Digital Marketing. So when I come across something that helps me to understand one small area of this huge subject, I share it. 

If you only get one useful idea or piece of advice from it then you have still learnt something which will enable you to better promote your online business. 

Personally, the terms Social Media and Social Media Engagement stand out the best and have got my little grey cells working overtime. Now I’m thinking of more ways to start conversations and find interesting, well-written posts to share. Google Trends might be my starting point today. 

But I digress, I’m sure you’re all thinking ‘Get on with it!’ OK. Make yourself a brew, sit down and have a read of this post from a fellow blogger. Then tell me that you haven’t learnt something new today. 


Focus definition in dictionary

Inbound marketing focuses on creating helpful content that pulls your buyer toward your website where they can learn more about you, your expertise and knowledge, and what you sell on their own time – without being interrupted with ads or traditional marketing. By exchanging useful content for demographic information (especially email), inbound turns browsers into leads and, eventually, leads into customers. 

Read the full post:

The Vocabulary of Inbound Marketing: The Layperson’s Guide to Terms You Need to Know


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2 thoughts on “Useful Glossary of Inbound Marketing Terms

  1. Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for sharing it. I hope others find it useful as well. Just the incentive I need to start working on the update I’ve been planning to make to it!

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