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As we move into another week of confinement, I want to reassure all my existing and potential clients that I remain committed to you and your business.

As a responsible business owner, I will be following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), and all relevant authorities, for country-specific requirements.

I am fortunate that my line of business does not involve face to face contact with my clients and I can work from home. But the same as everyone else, we are being impacted by a downturn in trade as small and medium-sized businesses cancel or reduce their orders.

If there is anything  I can do to help you  through these difficult times please get in touch. I have extended the FREE business website review indefinitely, and can also offer assistance writing blogs or content to help your business look it’s best.

If you prefer, we can just talk. Sometimes it is just good to have someone to talk to who is in the same situation.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in SAA IT Testing Services

Please Stay Safe and Stay Well

Shirley Atkinson, SAA IT Testing 


Shirley Atkinson

SAA IT Test Consultant

79120, Sainte Soline, France

SIRET – 835 373 515 00013



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