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Is your website legally compliant?

A website review can give you really valuable insights into how visitors see and use your website. Even if you think you know your website inside out, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any little bugs. You might think they are not serious issues, but your potential customers may see them differently. They could see them as careless and unprofessional, and they will go elsewhere. 

My independent website review will help you understand how visitors view your website. What are their ‘first impressions’ when they land on your Home Page? Are there any issues that might be stopping them make a booking, or placing an order?

It’s not a technical review, but I do look at whether your website is legally compliant, in particular around EU GDPR, and other website legalities. There have been considerable changes recently around what must be displayed on business and personal websites, and how personal data is used and stored.

Early in 2021 the Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés(CNIL)  published a warning to say that they had started contacting French businesses to inform them that they had to be GDPR compliant by the end of March 2021 or risk being fined.

Are you legally compliant? Time for a review. Overcome your fear of criticism

Make sure your business is legally compliant.

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Recent Customer Reviews

SAA provided me with a website review and a extensively detailed report on how to improve my services, how to comply with EU law for domains, and so much more. The report was detailed, consistently helpful, and led me to work to a new target list for bringing myself closer to my one year goals list. 

I would highly recommend SAA services for any business that is looking to fine tune their social media and web presence. 10/10 for skills and knowledge of the subject and support offered..

Brad Quarless

I can’t thank Shirley enough for her professionalism in reviewing my business website. Included in her report were the function, speed, end user journey, impressions, suggestions, edits and overview of how my site works and what maybe client impressions. A website must never frustrate or distract a client from their journey to discover and engage with your business. The comprehensive report SAA  provided me with has given me the tools and resources I need to raise the standard of my website, and learn about issues I had not considered. A service specially relevant for all small business, who self-build their business sites and don’t have access to IT departments. Now you do.


Shirley Atkinson – E.I.

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