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Shirley Atkinson is an experienced software and website user test consultant, providing a range of services to help and support small, and medium-sized enterprises realise their potential.

If you are creating or improving your website, her independent review can provide you with a valuable unbiased insight into how visitors view and navigate around your site.

Website user testing can highlight minor glitches, such as broken or missing page links. More importantly, it can identify critical usability issues that could be have a negative impact on your website user’s journey.

Simple changes to content and layout could help improve SEO, get more visitors to your website and enhance your customers’ experience. 


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“Our aim is to help you improve the quality of your customer’s experience and increase the visibility of your business, by providing expert advice, and offering a range of affordable solutions and services “.

What is User Testing?

Your website has to help users achieve their goal. And whether that is buying a product, booking a holiday or just getting an answer to a question, if your website is quick and easy to use they will continue to use it. They will also recommend it to their friends, family and on social media.

Knowing how someone searches, finds, clicks and navigates around your site can give you details that you wouldn’t get from conducting a survey or a customer review. This is called usability or user testing.

Unbiased Review

User testing can give you really valuable insights, because even if think you know your product inside out, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any blind spots. Independent user testing will help you understand how visitors use your website, and whether there are any little ‘niggles’ that might be stopping them make a booking, or placing an order. 

Choosing an experienced website usability tester will help you improve the quality of your site because the feedback you receive is genuine and unbiased. Our report can help enhance your customer’s experience, improve your search rankings and get your online business noticed. 

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shirley on a number of occasions. The most recent being during the setting up of our new Alpine business. The words professional, attention to detail and truly great don’t seem to do her justice!!

Shirley provided test analysis. It involved working remotely most of the time and she was dedicated and productive with little or no direct contact. Working with the supplier and at home, she produced test specifications that meant the onsite team was able to work extremely efficiently. Thanks for working so very well under some quite onerous conditions Shirley

Shirley was a vital part of a rarely-found team, employed to test one of the largest, technically intensive projects in Europe. In addition to possessing excellent Quality Assurance skills, she takes a ‘whole-team’ view.  Shirley fosters ‘collaboration’ and focuses people on the right problems. There are far too few people like this around


Shirley Atkinson

SAA IT Test Consultant

79120, Sainte Soline, France

SIRET – 835 373 515 00013



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